Why do People get Grey Hair ?

Ever wondered why do people get Grey hair ? I know from my own experience that I was always told it’s purely genetic. Passed on for generation to generation. In my case it would be from my mother side. My gran was a full head Grey in her 20`s, my mom by her 30s. And all her sisters too. I started noticing Grey hair in my mid 20s. Now that I am in my mid 30s. I am about 80% Grey.

This is no common occurrence for many, and we are all to familiar with all sorts of hair colors ( covering up those greys’).hair-colors I mean, I don’t want to look like a 60-year old in my 20s or 30s. ( Although the silver, Grey hair has become quite fashionable among young girls these days ). So, like most people I just made peace with the fact that I’m “genetically Grey” ( I always tease my mother telling her ” it’s a genetic flaw from mom side of the family, and now I have it too. LOL ” ).

I was never told ( not that I think anyone in my family knew ) or even gave it a thought that other than the genetics that this ” “premature” Grey hair could be a bi-product of a deficiency of some sort. Can a nutrient deficiency be passed on genetically ? Or did I develop a nutrient deficiency in my teens that possibly contributed to the fact that I’m so Grey now ? I looked at this a little deeper and this is what I found.


The amounts ( or percentage ) of genes we share with our immediate family ( siblings or parents and their children ) are around 50 %. Second-degree relatives ( uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, grandparents, grandchildren ) share around 25% of genes. Further extended family members would form part of the same gene-pool. Numerous studies have concluded that there are links between genetics and nutrition due to the inheritance of the same genes in families or their ancestors. Though this has been proven, it must be noted that environmental factors also play a role. Where you live, what you accustomed to eat etc.

One example of the link between genetics and nutrition would be the bodies inability to absorb vitamins. If our bodies can’t absorb the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients, then we are in for a bit of trouble. So in a nut shell, if my grandmother had a certain vitamin deficiency, she could have passed this to my mother, who then passed it to me. Very much the same as when other severe diseases are passed genetically. Research are still continuing to prove the link between many diseases, deficiencies and genetics, and how these may be passed from one generation to the next. Advances are made daily in this field of research.

For safety sake

Multi Vitamin and Omega combo packI cannot say for sure that my Grey hair is genetically passed, but it seems very likely. It also seems very likely that my grandmother ( and then my mother ) had a form of vitamin and nutrient deficiency. Several vitamins and nutrients ensures that our hair follicles produce the melanin ( or pigment ) that our hair need to retain the natural color. Appropriate preventative actions can be taken for family members not yet effected. Some of the vitamins and nutrients you might want to consider taking are as follows.

  • Copper – Copper plays a huge role in melanin production. It metabolizes iron to form new red blood cells. Copper is extremely important to assist and maintain healthy bones, nerves and our immune function. Copper may aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.
  • Calcium – We are all familiar with this one, but Calcium is not just there to help keep our bones healthy and strong. Calcium is one of the most important mineral for our bodies. It assists in heart health, nerves, and all our muscles.Calcium has been linked to hair turing Grey prematurely.
  • Folate & Vit B12 – Vit B12 is probably on of the biggest culprits in pre-mature greying. Both Vit B12 and Folate ( Vit B9 ) assisted in DNA production and function. These may also assist in the bodies over all energy levels.
  • Vit D – Is often given in conjunction with Vit B12, Vit B9 and biotin. Vit D assists the body to absorb and regulate the calcium in our bodies ( we all need this one). Vit D deficiency may also affect the production of melanin in the hair follicle. Vit D can improve your overall mood ( this is why we can feel a bit down in the winter months ). It also boosts and improve brain function.
  • Vit E – As Vit E is good for our skin it is also important to understand that it prevents tissue depletion. Oxidization in our tissues may lead to pre-mature greying.
  • Zinc – We need zinc to help protect our bodies for bacteria and viruses, thus protecting our immune system. Zinc is important for the healing of wounds, cell growth and cell division. Zinc also plays a role in pre- mature greying.

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Not just for me

Many reading this article would have most probably all ready started ” going Grey “. Though there is not much to be done about reversing the existing Grey hairs, by incorporating the vitamins and nutrients mentioned here would not just assist in the prevention of more Grey hair ( or possibly cause a delay in developing more of them ) mother-and -daughterbut also assist in many other health facets.I can now insure my daughter starts getting sufficient amount of these vitamins and nutrients. After all, there is a good possibility that she too would ” go Grey ” earlier than most.

If you have grey hair all ready, treating it with the correct natural products will be a worth while investment. Staying away from artificial fragrances, toxins and unnecessary colorants is just as important.

Whether Grey hair is passed genetically or is a combination of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. We know now that we will have a better chance to be ” less Grey ” in the future. And be healthier on top of that too.

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10 thoughts on “Why do People get Grey Hair ?”

  1. Hi Felicity,

    What a great article. I was quickly drawn onto it by looking at the URL lol, as I am on the same boat as you with the same reasons for going grey and interestingly I took it exactly as yourself too!
    I have tried everything possible to reverse my grey hair but have been consistently unsuccessful!

    However I am still on the lookout for atleast a management if not a solution. If you know of anything please do share it with me, I will really appreciate it.

    All the very best

    1. Hello Rani. Thank you for your comment. I believe nearly everything comes down to nutrition. I am not just referring to eating healthy food. But also incorporating the vitamins and nutrients we don’t get from our food. Here are some I mentioned in the article you can add into your diet that will assist with the management of grey hair. Copper, Calcium, Folate, Vit B12 & 9 , Vit D, Vit E & Zinc. All the best. Felicity

  2. Very interesting article on gray hair. I often wondered what I could do about my gray hair even at the age of 50. I did not know some people turn gray at such young age as in their 20’s. I do agree that our environment and what we eat play a huge role even in our hair color.

  3. Having complete grey hair in the ’20s must be a very rare occurrence. In this case, I would strongly agree that it has to do with the passing down of genes. In my family, grey hair starts growing at a very late age from mid-’50s and onwards. I am sure that starting to consume the above mentioned vitamins may help delay the growth of grey hair and keep one looking young. Nice article straight to the point.

  4. Hello there, that is for sharing this wonderful article and feel happy to have been here to see such a nice information. So ma y da to rf can lead to someone having grey hair and that is a thing that happens naturally and we have nothing to do about it. Also there are some factors that we bring upon ourselves that causes and that is like stress. Cheers

  5. After I finished reading your article, I looked back to when I was young. I remembered having a long string or two of grey hairs. Most people that noticed it always said that I’m an old man, or some people say I’m becoming a wise man, lol. I thought I will keep having it more. But now I’m an adult. I can’t seem to find that anyway near my hair. Maybe, probably it’s not genetic. It just happened as my dad or mom don’t have that. But well, it’s nice to read about this and how to control it.

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