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Hello friend and welcome to Beta Natural Health. I am Felicity, the blessed wife of Sergio and mother to two very busy children. Since I can remember I have always been intrigued and fascinated by everything natural. What type of plants I can use in my cooking ( not just herbs ) that would be most beneficial for my family and for myself. What natural remedies I can make for topical application such as creams, lotions and gels and even for medicine. I always believed that something that comes from the soil can only be the best.

With technology and the ” fast ” pace of life we all living in, it is often much easier just to grab a product of “the shelve”, asking very few questions about it. Is it safe ? Can I use it long term ? Will it work ? Or is it just another ” gimmick ” ? Now don’t get me wrong, I also believe there is a place for everything in this world. I just think in some instances it is best to go ” back to basics ” .


As a child one of my fondest memories regarding this was one of my grandmother, Ella. Though, she passed away when I was very small I was told many stories. She grew all sorts of plants and herbs in her garden but mostly used them as some form of medicine. Cooking up leaves of plants, turning them into tea for tummy aches or making pastes for scratches and bruises. It all seemed very magical to me as a small child.

Everyday I still find new plants or combinations to put together, or items that can make it easier for me to have nature in our home, on our plates and truly have a benefit…. it is TRULY amazing ! I want to give back, pass on what I have learned and even new things I find daily.


With the hustle of our daily lives, and as a mother I know it is a constant run that never really stops. Finding the time to still grow and prepare items that you want to use but are not even quite sure how to use, can put a real damper on the whole idea. And sometimes you do just want to buy a product that is ready to go, so to speak .

I can show you easy ways to do this and even some amazing ready to go products available out there.

Have a look around my website, I`m sure there is something waiting for you.


Kind regards

Felicity Camarinha

Founder of Beta Natural Health


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  1. Hi Felicity

    The information you provide is very well researched and addresses the current ailments most commonly experienced. Thank you for providing clarity on subject matters such as the use and benefits of natural herbs. You have definitely made me more aware of changing my diet, which is most beneficial for a more healthier living experience. Thank you once again and be assured that I will be sharing your website with my family & friends.

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